libTFO is a flow offloading decision engine designed for switch controllers. While providing flow-based traffic statistics to libTFO, controllers may use libTFO to decide which FIB entries to install into the FIB of the fast forwarding plane, and which entries to handle in a reactive way or through an alternative (slower, cheaper) forwarding path. The definition of a flow is entirely up to the controller, as well as the actions that are supposed to be performed on packets of a flow. Also, libTFO does not directly communicate with either forwarding plane, which makes it effectively technology independent.

The algorithm implemented by libTFO is based on the following research paper:

Nadi Sarrar, Steve Uhlig, Anja Feldmann, Rob Sherwood, Xin Huang. Leveraging Zipf's Law for Traffic Offloading. ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communications Review (CCR). January 2012.

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libTFO, a flow offloading decision engine designed for switch controllers.

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